PULPA produces handmade and eco-friendly paper in Tartu, Estonia. Our paper is made from recycled materials such as paper leftovers, old bedsheets and ripped jeans, as well as weeds and invasive kinds of plants. 1% of income is donated to Estonian Fund for Nature. Our paper can be used for painting, scrapbooking, origami, letterpress printing and art projects. Our notebooks and other paper goods can be perfect gifts.

Handmade paper is a unique product with deckled edges and peculiar structure. To make paper we collect the material, prepare it for recycling, beat in hollander machine and form the sheets from paper pulp using a wooden deckle and a mold. Wet paper goes under a press to get rid of the water, then it dries and is pressed again to make the sheets straight. Papermaking process takes a lot of time and work, but also leaves space for creativity and experimenting. Follow us on Instagram to see how we do it.

Special offer! We can turn your favorite used clothes into fancy handmade papers. Contact us and we’ll make it work.

Contact us to order papers for business cards, wedding invitations and other things, to collaborate or just to ask.

PULPA studio was founded in 2020 on the basis of TYPA’s paper kitchen.